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Using Velochair®

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What Users Are Saying

Jenn’s Story
Jenn’s Story
Jennifer Smith, age 45, is a proud wife and mother to two children. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age, thyroid disease in 2005, Multiple Sclerosis in 2006, and Heart Disease in 2013.
Emily’s Story
Emily’s Story
Emily Zammataro is an 88 year old who lives in New Jersey. At age 79, Emily had a double knee replacement, and a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TVAR) by age 86. Six months after her procedure, Emily experienced a stroke, which created limiting weakness on her left side including her arm and leg.
Michael’s Story
Michael’s Story
Michael Byrnes is a 64 year-old husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather. Mike, a retired software engineer who lives in NJ, suffered a spinal cord injury at 59 leaving him paralyzed on the left side of his body.
The Velochair is a life changing, easy to use self-powered mobility device. My patients are thrilled to be independent again without the fear of falling.
- Kelly Papa, Physical Therapist Assistant and Clinical Supervisor for Gait and balance Program at Excellent Physical Therapy
The Velochair provides exercises, promotes blood flow, and is remarkably intuitive and fun for patients with a wide range of conditions.
- Michael E Pollack, MD - Orthopedic Surgeoun
Reimagining Independence

About Velochair®

The Velochair was designed out of necessity and desire to accomplish everyday tasks while being independently mobile. It is the ideal solution for those who struggle with balance, walking or standing. The uniqueness of the Velochair is that it allows a light cardiovascular workout, increasing blood flow circulation while not taxing the user. It allows the user independent life mobility by actively engaging their own muscles to power the chair forward.


Built for the Future

Designed and Manufactured in the U.S, the Velochair is built out of custom handmade printed carbon fibre components. Weighing around 42 pounds, the Velochair can be folded for easy transport and is light enough to be lifted into the back of a standard SUV or hatchback for transportation. The chair is also entirely customizable and adjustable to each user’s specific needs.

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It’s All In The Details

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1 - Steering
Steering tillers are what guide the Velochair directionally left and right. Tillers control the rear wheel steering allowing for tight turns increasing maneuverability. The Velochair can be steered with one or both tillers allowing for left or right hand operation. There is a quick release to remove either tiller to provide side transfer, if desired.
2 - Pedals
The Velochair comes with comfortable platform pedals that can be modified with the addition of different straps and leg supports as needed.
3 - Boom
The Velochair boom is adjustable in length and angle to provide the user with the optimum pedaling position.
4 - Seatback
The Velochair seatback folds for transport and locks in place during use. The seatback is adjustable to help the user find the optimal angle for their comfort.
5 - Brakes
The brake levers are located on the steering tillers. Either side lever will control the brake. Brake levers lock to park the Velochair in place and are also used to control speed while going downhill.
6 - Seat
The Velochair comes with ergonomically designed seat cushions that provide comfortable support.

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